OwO Bot Wiki

Cowoncy is the OwO bot's form of currency. This currency is global and is used for both manual and auto hunting.

You can earn cowoncy in a variety of ways:

Cowoncy's main purpose is for hunting (5 cowoncy is spent per hunt) and activating your huntbot, but it can also be used to purchase cosmetic upgrades including marriage rings and wallpapers from the shop. It is also used in gambling commands.

All Patreon (Tier).png Patreon members receive bonus Cowoncy Note.png cowoncy at the beginning of each month (around the 5th to the 7th); the amount depends on the amount earned through that month's Patreon. Players who are subscribed to the Uncommon (Tier).png Uncommon tier or above of Patreon will earn double the amount of cowoncy gained from claiming their daily and from voting.

Cowoncy can also be given to others using the command below:

link=owo give @user {amount} owo give @user {amount} DiscordApp Buttons.png

Lastly, there is a daily limit to how much cowoncy a user can give/receive. This limit is dependent on your level.

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